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Hervey Bay Whale Watch: half day Quick Cat Whale Watching Tour

Hervey Bay

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Quick Cat II offers the most popular whale watching trip in Australia, the half day trip.


1/2 Day Tour

What's Included:
Quick Cat II was designed from the experience that Brian, Jill and their daughter Sarah have gained from being Australias longest established whale watch company.
The new vessel contains many innovative features not seen on any other whale watch vessel.

-Quick Cat II not too big but not too small.
An extremely fast, fuel efficient, wide bodied super catamaran that leaves little wash or wake making it very friendly to the environment.

-Quick Cat II deck design makes moving around the three deck levels easy and safe.
With the use of ramps running from the main deck to the fore deck allows both able-bodied and disabled passengers freedom to move right round the main decks. The large uncluttered fore deck has been made a lot safer area with things like anchors, chains and anchor winches all situated under the deck, so passengers cant trip or fall on them The fore deck also offers two large bow spits, that conditions permitting, allow passengers to view dolphins riding the bow waves.

-Quick Cat II has a very large upper deck
This can be accessed from either stairs from the fore deck between the amphi-theater seating or from the rear deck near the full size wheelchair accessible toilets. With the emphasis again on passenger safety and comfort the upper deck gives a 360 degrees view with both the upper and lower rear deck offering large curved balconies that have passengers out over the water for a birds eye view.

-Quick Cat II is fully licensed and has a well stocked kiosk on board.
Passengers can purchase souvenirs, film, sandwiches, hot pies, hot dogs, ice creams, drinks etc.

-Quick Cat II caters for kids.
Every child on board receives an "Official Guide to Hervey Bay Whale Watch".
A booklet that gives children the real story on the history of Whale Watching in Hervey Bay and includes games, puzzles, pictures and information for school projects.

-Quick Cat II spotter aircraft
We are the only company which owns a spotter aircraft. While years ago it was essential that the eye in the sky was out there, these days the air craft is used more as a security measure being used daily at the start and end of the season and on days when spotting from the vessels may be a little harder than normal.
Seats are available for purchase to experience the feeling that Brian had when he flew the first day that the industry was born.
No, you cant throw any toilet rolls out the window!

-Quick Cat II passenger comfort
To further enhance our environmentally friendly, passenger comfort and safety, we ask that all rubbish, containers, food wrappings, etc. be placed in the bins provided.

Choose your Whale Watching Trip
We were the first in Australia to guarantee whale sightings and are still the only company that has its own whale spotter aircraft.
Over the years we have tried whale watching in big boats with hundreds of people, but decided to stay in the small to mid range. We have found that we are able to offer very personal, face to face and educational whale watching trips, while adding a few stories of past years from the very beginning of the industry of experiences we have gained.

Even though we can offer information and give a very informative service on each vessel we like to see our whale watching passengers becoming involved. We are not just a voice on the microphone. We like you to ask the questions, and if on the very rare occasions that we cant answer your questions, we will find out.

Family owned and operated whale watching in every aspect.
Brian and Jill have been at the forefront of the whale watching industry since they invented it in 1987, having been involved in the whale watching industry development over the years.
Brian is a member of the Permit Advisory Committee which help set up the Hervey Bay Marine Park in 1990. He also served as the president of the Whale Watch Industry Association. Currently he is the Vice President of Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia Association.
Jill spends her time marketing with agents and organizing all the mundane things. Like crew, training them and making sure everything happens the way it should. You may even have the pleasure of Jill picking you up in our whale watching bus from your accommodation.
Sarah spends her spare time during whale watching season making dozens upon dozens of home made muffins and working on the boat when she is not at her full time position as Duty Manager at Kondari Hotel. Sarah has obtained her boat license and dive ticket through marine studies at school and hopes to gain her skippers certificate in the next year so she can skipper the new Quick Cat II.

Whale Watching Upgrading and Innovations 
Apart from inventing the industry in Hervey Bay, Brian and Jill Perry were the first people to offer whale watching from vessels anywhere in Australia and the South Pacific. This opened up a whole new experience that people sitting on headlands trying to get a glimpse of a whale in the distance only dreamed about.
Innovations such as being the first to fit hydrophones (underwater microphones) to their vessels so passengers can experience the sounds of the underwater world from listening to prawns (shrimps) clicking their way across the ocean bed or a listening to a humpback whale singing to its mates, a sound that is very eerie and exciting at the same time. These whale songs can be heard for many miles.
Did you know that the humpbacks whale's song has been even sent into space? 

Underwater Whale Watching 
While humpback whales spend a lot of time on the surface they also spend most of their time under the water. Being able to watch whales under the surface is an awe inspiring sight.
Over the years we have developed underwater cameras that are not restricted to an area around the vessel, but can track the whale right to the ocean floor.
Live to air vision is beamed direct to on board monitors that allow passengers to view the action both on the surface and below the vessel at the same time. This vision is recorded live and available on video and CD for purchase.
This system that Brian and Jill have developed is now being taken up by other whale watching and marine charter/research companies both in Australia and overseas.


My wife Jill and I started the whale watching industry here in Hervey Bay, Australia in 1987 and have operated up to four vessels over the years. We now have great pleasure in introducing our brand new state of the art whale watching vessel Quick Cat II.
Since 1987 we have introduced and run full day, dawn and half whale watching trips. It is no secret that the half day whale watching trip is the most popular trip as the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife statistics show. With low to the water, fast vessel like Quick Cat II, we are way out in front carrying over 50% of the total passengers carried in past seasons.

Pickups / Departures

Departing 8.00am till 12 noon and again at 1.00pm till 5pm daily from mid July till early November.